Lichwood Grove

Founded in 2014, Lichwood is one of the youngest parks in the Nine Blades - but what they lack in deep seeded history, they make up for in heart and dedication! 

How to find us:

Where            Victoria Hills, Kitchener, ON (the park behind the center)

When            Sundays 12pm & Wednesdays 5pm


Who is in charge locally:

Monarch           Alexandra Bugden


 Jeet (Kendall John)

Chancellor        Bruedrin Redblade

Champion        Garett Hendriks 

GMR    Father Jeckel (Paul Walsh)           


Email -

Facebook - Lichwood Grove

Twitter - @LichwoodGrove

Instagram - @lichwoodgrove

Media Releases - Coming Soon!

Resources - AmtWiki, ORK


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