Founded in August 2012 by Psylocyte Sapien, Ryanni of Starfall, and Talaris Summerstar on a naturally-occurring ford in a river leading from Felfrost to Twilight Peak, Linnagond is a small community built around two gates, one on either side of the town. They can be used to block river traffic to the town if it comes under threat from an outside naval force, though this has not yet become necessary.

The swamp southeast of the town has recently become a dark and dismal place, overgrown and unsettling to those who enter. Travellers report torchlights moving around after dark, but to date those reports have been dismissed as swamp gas.

Linnagond is populated by elves who have retreated from Starfall Forest, local humans, and other travelers passing through on their way northeast to the Pirate Duchy of Felfrost or southwest to the Barony of Twilight Peak.

Welcomed into the Kingdom of Goldenvale in September of 2012.

Welcomed into the Principality of The Northern Empire at Battle of the Dens, August 2013.

Granted Barony status in March 2015 by Archbishop Man at Arms Zwerver, Prince of the Northern Empire

How to find us:

Where Victoria Park, Peterborough, ON
When Saturdays at 1pm or Wednesdays at 6pm

Who is in charge locally:


 Wilbur (Dylan Flippance)


 Heather (Shoshana Watson)


 Ansilar (Alex Marr)


 Arlit (Damian Britton)


 Wunjo (Tyler Salvadore)



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