Nestled deep in the North, a group thrives through harsh climates, vile creatures and devastating wars. You have just discovered the largest and most powerful northern civilization. What is your next move? You're pretty far away from home to get reinforcements. Looks like you just stumbled upon the Duchy of Wolvenfang.

We have been in existence since June 1997. We have grown from our little Shire of 4 to Duchy status, making us the largest group in Canada.

How to find us:

Where Confederation High School, Valley East, Ontario
When Saturdays, 1pm

Where O'Connor Park, Sudbury, ON (May to Oct) or Princess Anne Public School, Sudbury, ON (Oct to May)
When Tuesdays, 6pm

Who is in charge locally:


Finola of WF (Crossman, Stephanie)


Rynn Speartha (TC, Kerrie)


Trowa Barton (Beaulne, Denis)


Clifton (Cassidy, Avery)


 Iron Fist (Ryan Frank)


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Media Releases - Coming soon!

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